Life That I Chose – EP (Coming Soon)


Needed a quick pic to throw on the post, so I made this up on my phone right quick. Crazy what you could do on your phones now in days haha so no this definitely isn’t the official artwork for anything; we have an original piece in the works for that.

None the less, I’m on like 2 hours of sleep since yesterday. The homie Scend and I worked on the EP we are doing with our homie Slot-A. Today I wrote the intro and laid out the rest of the project, as far as the sequence of the beats. I need two more songs so I could really start seeing the finish line. Definitely making progress. The EP will be dropping in late November. It’ll be entirely produced by Slot-A. My homies Scend and Astonish also put in a lot of work with me on these songs. As of now, it’ll be 6 songs, unless something changes last minute. Also, don’t forget we’re cooking up something with our Akin family.

As tired as I am, I feel real good. Late nights and early mornings. Wouldn’t change it for anything.

Life That I Chose – coming soon!

– Scheme

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