Early Warning: Nov. 25th, 2011 – Release Party at Akin

We’ve been putting in a lot of work all year, and when things were changed up a bit, we didn’t skip a beat, we had the task to finish a project and deliver it by a certain deadline. The album is still being worked on as we speak, Scend is currently laying scratches on a couple of the songs; but all in all we see the finish line. It’s been a lot of planning, organizing, and sticking to dates. We’ve created an EP, in the middle of designing our shirt, and organizing the release party. At the same time, getting ready for shows this weekend and for the upcoming weeks. Today, we started writing treatments for the upcoming videos, tomorrow we start mixing the album with Slot-A, and then we have to get the first single mastered and turned into iTunes. Shit’s been crazy, but it’s been dope as hell to see the entire team working and getting things done. There’s a lot more coming from this project in the weeks to come, so for now I’ll leave you with the info below…

EARLY WARNING : “Life That I Chose : EP” Release Party at Akin. We’ll also be unveiling and selling our new Life That I Chose T-Shirt which we are doing in collaboration with Akin. The album will also be available for purchase that day, a week prior to official release.

– Scheme

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