D-Rose On Lockout

D-Rose on his summer and the NBA:

  • Any 2011 update on his “Why can’t I be MVP?” prescient comment from training camp 2010? “This year I’m just trying to do better than last year. We’re trying to go further than last year. Last year, of course, it was a good season. But it’s last year. You never know how it’s going to go this year.”
  •  So how about MVP of the postseason? “That would be great. But my whole goal this year is to win the championship.”
  • Given how new the Bulls’ roster was a year ago, will continuity work to Chicago’s advantage now? “That was our first time coming together, and we made it that far. This year, I think we’re more comfortable with each other, knowing what we can do on the court, where guys are on the court at all times. I think it should help us out at the beginning.”
  • How did the MVP spend his extended offseason? “Traveling. I went everywhere this summer. China, I went to like six places there. I went to Hawaii. Traveling to Portland, traveling back from here to L.A. Houston. If the lockout wasn’t over, I would have been going to the Dominican Republic. Went to Bora Bora with my mom. I went to a lot of places.”
  • How did the shoe commercial shoot in Spain go? “It was cool. It was very hot out there. It was like three days, I was out there in, like, 110 degrees. I had a guy following me around with an umbrella. The guy’s name was Nacho. Nacho did a great job making sure I had shade.”
  • Did he interact with any real bulls? “I didn’t get close to them. But the matadors, I met all of them, took pictures of them. There was actually one of them that they compared to Michael Jordan, that he’s the greatest ever. He wasn’t there at the time, I wanted to meet him but I didn’t get a chance to.”
  • Did Rose come close to signing with any overseas team? “I wasn’t close at all. You know me, I always think positive about everything. I was just, for some strange reason, I always knew the season was going to start. But I didn’t know when.”
  • What did he make of the lockout and the business of basketball? “It’s about money but more, it’s about fans. It was hurting me to see that the season was almost gone because we couldn’t make a decision, couldn’t make a deal. It was hurting me, but thank God we got a deal done. And hopefully the fans are ready for


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