[AUDIO] Kevin Nottingham presests The Shoo-Ins by Slot-A

Check out the latest project release from our mega homie, Slot-A.  Official press release below:

The Shoo-Ins (Presented By KevinNottingham.com), An instrumental Tape created by producer/dj, Slot-A (@iamslota). Inspired by frustration of dealing with artist  who were chasing records that were previously successful. A real want to be treated as an artist and show his depth production wise – Shoo-Ins was created to do just that. Beats ranging from sample flips to all original – some inspired by Alchemist to Snoop Dogg’s “Rhythm & Gangster” Album . A real desire to show growth and push himself musically and technically, Slot-A worked hard to create a well rounded project. Only two records on The Shoo-Ins that kind of take a step off the purely instrumental path – a remix of the famed Estelle “Breaking My Heart” over a heavily manipulated Alexander O’neal’s “If You Were Here Tonight” sample & the bonus cut featuring Milwaukee’s Own, Gerald Walker (@gerald_walker), on the 9th Wonder/Little Brother inspired “All I Want For Kwanza Is One More Little Brother Album.” Across the board, The Shoo-Ins will be a stand-out project of 2012.”

– DJ Scend –

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