SRNCradio – The Moon Man Saga

SRNC has branched out into the world of hip hop radio unlike anything you have ever heard before. “This is some weird shit” – Scheme

SRNCradio presents: “The Moon Man Saga” episode 2
Music by: Kid Cudi, Kanye West, J.Cole, and Mac Miller

Getting into the mind of a moon man and getting trippy. Each track was picked to represent the day to day life of being trapped on the moon.

Now with MORE vulgarity!
-Thirst Traps
-Tank, BeenArt
– Jessie of SRNC  and Some Beats by: @AdrianG312 and @beatsbyanalyst

Be on the lookout for the shows host @Habz_SRNC on twitter



One thought on “SRNCradio – The Moon Man Saga

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