Creative Team and Management Company

Creative Team:

Scheme, Jamal Science, Clew Rock, The Analyst, Esohel & Ricky Dubs, Oscar Castillo, and Matthew Silva.

Management Team:

Jessie Salgado, Alex Alcantar, Adrian Gonzalez, Gustavo Vazquez, and Javier Mayorga.

PR Team:

Pedro Gonzalez

SRNC – Created in 2010

Jessie Salgado (Marketing Manager) – Jessie@SRNCMusic.com

Same Rebel, New Cause- also represented as SRNC, is a management team based out of Chicago working toward helping artists looking for exposure and support within the music industry.

 Working with a full-fledged team, artists can count on the SRNC team to provide cover designs, blog placement, interview scheduling, marketing strategies for social media and much more. Standing at the forefront of SRNC is creator and artist, Scheme, who established the team based on the concept that although we should look to progress in life, we never forget where we came from.

 SRNC is a brand represented through the artists that make the creative team. It’s a brand that while giving artists the support they need, allows them to move forward however they see fit. Through consistent product coming from every level on the team, SRNC is building its name within its community and industry through quality music, art, management and work ethic. That is SRNC.