Jessie’s road to the SRNC team began many years ago when he met Rafael “Scheme” Navarro at the young age of 5 in kindergarten. Jessie grew up along with Scheme listening to music that their parents did not allow them to, however it was in all their surroundings. Jessie first met real hip-hop while hanging out with his older cousin. His cousin played “Step Into My World” by KRS-ONE it was a moment where he realized the sound of real hip-hop and was introduced to the whole culture by him. From that moment he has always wanted to make his mark in the culture along with helping others to do the same. This is why he has a strong dedication to help his childhood friend make his mark, and this is why from the start he has been a focal part of the SRNC team.

Jessie is the Artist Manager at SRNC. He also handles key management responsibilities which include the booking of shows, setting interviews and reviews, along with finding different avenues to expand the SRNC brand. Jessie is the coordinator for all of SRNC related events, as well as making sure the shows he books for his artists are executed and close to plan. He understands the need to build a team from the ground up with integrity, humility, and respect. He focuses on making SRNC a brand other artists and other companies want to do business with.


SRNC is where it started. My involvement with music and seeing all that is involved with putting on a show, creating an album, promoting, making a video, collaboration etc… I had an idea before but nothing could compare to the dedication i saw and experienced in SRNC. I have worked on promotions and recently have started to move towards the blog posting and website managing side of things. I enjoy hip hop. I grew up in hip hop and i continue to live with hip hop being a part of my life. Just like any relationship sometimes whats out there is good and sometimes its bad. Working with SRNC gives me a chance to see the art form, creative, constructive side of hip of hop. SRNC to me means being a part of the type of hip hop i know and love.


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Javi is the go-to guy at SRNC. Anything and everything that is needed for a project, video, or a promo piece, chances are, Javi knows someone who can take care of it. He plays various roles for the SRNC team. Javi handles most of the viral video footage SRNC distributes online and networks with various individuals in the field to expand the SRNC brand. You can catch Javi at the merchandise table at shows selling product, shooting behind the scenes footage at studio sessions, or on the sidelines thinking of the next great idea for the entire team.


Rhythm through my ears throughout the years has brought me to this point with SRNC. Growing up a child of Two parents that love Salsa and Merengue I learned at an early age the meaning of music and how it brought people together. Late 80’s and early 90’s house music was booming in Chi-Town and that peaked my interest at an early age when everyone around me was doing The tracks, Cabbage patching and Perculating the dance floors. DJ FUNK was a legend in my mind. Wanting to be DJ so bad, Homemade mix tapes were a way to escape. Hip-House soon came in the frame and that’s where my Love for Hip-Hop stemmed from. Meeting Rafael “SCHEME” Navarro my sophomore year in History class is what lead to us building a great relationship. Musically and Personally. In Those next few years (98′-01′) we began a musical journey that I would eventually have to break away from as SCHEME kept building his Resume in Hip-Hop.