Oscar Castillo

SRNC Artist

For some people, their enlightenment with love for music comes from hearing a song, vibing to a beat or during their first attempt at spitting. For Oscar Castillo it wasn’t so nice. At the age of 7 his guitar was accidentally broken, and when he realized that was the most upset he had ever been, he knew it was real. The next 7 years were dedicated to his growing passion as he began to learn how to play on his own; listening to the groups who had influenced him and eventually being able to play along note-by-note to their music. This method allowed Oscar to pick up the necessary skills and techniques with playing guitar.  During this time he explored music a lot, gaining a big interest in the hip hop culture as well as dabbling with production and finally, his obsession for sneakers.

At 16 Oscar started his journey working more with sneakers than music. He wrote for Sneaker Files for about three years before moving to Nice Kicks and eventually founded his own sneaker blog, Modern Notoriety.

Today, with its founder as one of the nation’s most respected individuals in the sneaker community, Modern Notoriety is one of the nation’s most influential online sneaker magazines with a track record of over 15,000 site hits a day.

Oscar’s affiliation with SRNC started in the early parts of 2011 when he approached Scheme and DJ Scend with some videos of himself playing guitar over Scheme’s “Billion Dollar Dream” video. By Spring 2011 he fell into his official role of SRNC Guitarist and immediately became comfortable adjusting to the demands of being a “studio guitarist” with recording melodic overlays and solos for Scheme’s music.

Oscar’s reputation in the sneaker community speaks for itself and with the strength of his SRNC team behind him his music career is sure to follow in the same path. For now, the team continues to build and showcase the talents of Oscar on stage, one track at a time.

Written by Graciela Estrello

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